Getting Left Luggage In Cardiff City Centre Impossible??

Left luggage in Cardiff solved.

Leaving luggage in Cardiff can be trying

As an English-American visiting Cardiff after visiting friends and family in London I had decided to check out Cardiff to experience the Welsh culture.

Ok, so this is not about what I visited in the Welsh capitol, or even my accommodation. This is about my final day before my 9pm train back to London.

Check out at my hotel was at 10am (I think that check out times are getting earlier by the way). There was no option to store my luggage consisting of a laptop case, and 34kg hard case (a monster) and very heavy for my small frame. They could not even take care of it for a fee…can money not buy anything any more??

Right, I would just go to the official visitors centre which is my go to place when away – a little embassy for me if you will.  £4 for a locker. That is great I thought to myself. I would pick it up at 8:30pm then get my train.

NO SUCH LUCK – I would not be picking it up at 8:30 because they close at 5pm and needed my stuff out of there then.

They did recommend a place at that turned up to be a small B&B that also runs a hostel who would be happy to take my left luggage. They keep luggage until 10pm for £3.50 per bag. I was so happy they could so this for my and saved my back from a serious injury.

I may even stay there next time Im in the city.



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