Hostels in Cardiff – A Great Way To Save Money

So you are in Cardiff and you are looking for somewhere economical but at the same time, you want something that will give some level of comfort and quality amenities during your stay. Cardiff offers a variety of hostels that will meet your needs if you but take the time to research them carefully.

Cardiff At Night
Cardiff At Night


In this article, we are going to take a look at hostels,  such as The River House which for some are the lower end of the hotel industry as they seem to be inexpensive and generally may not provide certain service that come the upper establishment. Specifically we are going to take a look at hostels in Cardiff.

Hostels in Cardiff, like hotels and other types of accommodations are now easier to locate and reputable because of the kind of services they are providing. Here are a few of the hostels in Cardiff; they are by no means the only ones but are a good reference point to start.


  1. Family run businesses are normally smaller than the average type of hostel but they offer you an intimate and home styled atmosphere during your stay. The River House located on the banks of the River Taff in the centre of Cardiff and has nice views of the Millenium Stadium and Castle. Here you can enjoy low cost accommodation at a primary but tranquil location; just a short walk away from the train and bus stations and many other tourist sites. Rooms are clean and bright, private with free Wi-Fi.  They also offer free breakfast with every stay, movies, a lovely garden to relax and take tea and lots of space to unwind. Its service of quality is indicative by number of awards they have attained in the last few years and is apt for all types – youth to the elderly, individuals and groups.


  1. One of the recent additions to hostels in Cardiff is The Bunkhouse. Located on the oldest shopping street of the city, it is aptly surrounded by a variety of shops, restaurants and bars for any taste. It is a three part set-up – rooms and dormitories, a bar and a theatre. Like the River House the offer movies, free Wi-Fi and breakfast in a clean and friendly atmosphere for a very low price. In addition you also get printing and laundry facilities, basic kitchen appliances, board games and a locker for personal items.


  1. This next hostel in Cardiff has a Welsh name – Nosda meaning goodnight. Principally designed for today’s unconventional traveler, it is modern whilst retaining its original 19th Century origins for a quality service. Again here, they offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi on the ground floor, linens, secure parking and luggage storage. In addition they also offer a variety DVD’s and board games; and the bar a variety of entertainment in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. With a self catered kitchen, groups are welcome but there some conditions attached and only the female dormitories are secure. Add to this their friendly and personal staff and you are sure to get value for your money.

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